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About Us

Meet Cheryl, Harry, Sam, Max and Indiana

Before you leave your dog anywhere, it's important that you know where and who you are leaving them with. 

So here we are, please allow ourselves to introduce...ourselves.

About us

About Me

We brought home our first Cav, a tiny Blenheim named Sprocket back in 2009, and we have been completely in love with this amazing little breed ever since.Cavvy Cuddles was created when we realised the importance of home boarding where you can meet the people who are going to be looking after your dogs. Our experience with Cavaliers and their specific needs allows us to provide a wonderful holiday home for them when their humans are away.


Cavvy Cuddles was created when we realised the importance of home boarding where you can meet the people who are going to be looking after your dogs. We have changed to home boarding only Cavaliers because they are almost always just the right fit for our home environment. Our experience with this breed and their specific needs allows us to provide a wonderful holiday home for them when their humans are away.


Cheryl has worked with dogs professionally since 2012 and, prior to lockdown volunteered regularly at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. After a lifetime obsession with dogs (having been refused one of her own as a youngster) Cheryl is making up for lost time by working from home full-time as both a dog photographer and running the home boarding and doggy daycare service. Husband Harry is a freelance writer who also works from home, providing marketing know-how, puppy cuddles and witty banter (apparently).

After bringing our first Cavalier Sprocket home in 2009 we quickly made friends with other Cav pawrents. Rarely going on holiday ourselves we began caring for Sprocket's wee pals when their humans went away. After buying our first home back in 2015 in the beautiful Esk valley word of our caring home boarding service soon spread throughout the Cavalier community. Due to popular demand, in 2016 we passed the necassary inspection becoming a professionally licensed and insured home boarding service.

Since then our loving home boarding service has become so popular, and our home is only little, we have decided to now only home board Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

We are Cheryl, Harry, Sam and Max
and our wee dog Indiana.

Having our wee boys Sam and Max, and being self-employed although we are at home most of the time, our home environment can be busy at times. Therefore the dogs who stay with us must be content to settle on the sofa after a good walk, and Cavaliers, providing their needs are met, excell at this!Before our human pups, we were first proud humans to two gorgeous little fur-kids, therefore we understand how special that bond is. We know how hard it is to leave them and recognise through experience the relief when you leave them in the right hands, after all, we only take on dogs who are fully content in our home, and that comes across in the pupdates we send you.

Caring for your Cavvy

While staying with us they are part of our family too, in our loving home. We have excellent walking opportunities right on our doorstep, we also have a big car for daytrip adventures. We love a sofa cuddle after our walks! Your Cav will not be kennelled here, but instead will be able to choose to snuggle up on the sofa, or their own bed/space if they prefer. We monitor the cameras from our phones to ensure that the puppers are all settled and content at bedtime, and we are only upstairs if they require a little reassurance should they become unsettled.

Please try to ask any questions you have when you first get in touch, and always be upfront from the onset about your Cavalier's needs. Then, when you bring your little one to meet us, you'll able to see where they will be staying and meet our Tri Cav Indiana to ensure that they get along, offering you peace of mind when the time comes to leave them with us.


So much change has occurred in the last two years, baby steps are sometimes required and we are happy to support your Cavvy if they need time to adjust to a new environment. We can ease them in with little and often visits until they are ready to attempt a big sleepover.

Introducing Indiana

We value enriched off lead walks, but please be reassured that we never allow dogs off lead until we are first bonded with them, in a safe place, have achieved a reliable recall and never near roads. If your dog has only ever known on lead walks, please don't worry, we can still accommodate their needs and hopefully, one day they may get to enjoy an off lead walk with us, but only when they are ready, and you have given permission.Raw feeding is the absolute best you can give your dog as it's a species appropriate diet.


Please don't worry if your dog is not raw fed, ours weren't either as I was too scared for too long to try it. Now, I would never go back to alternative foods. If you're interested in learning what I have learned please feel free to ask, I love to share knowledge. Our companions aren't here for long, they deserve the best!Have you considered a professional dog photoshoot whilst your Cav stays with us? Cheryl takes the most stunning professional photographs of dogs and has a talent for catching them at their best. Alternatively gift vouchers make the perfect gift for family and friends!

Indiana is our resident Cav. She loves to run free, play zoomies and swim. Indiana is more like a Border Collie trapped in the tiniest Cavy body.

She LOVES people, their dogs, their food and has so much energy that I began agility class with her once she turned one and we haven't looked back.

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