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Affiliate Links

Cavvy Cuddles Uses Affiliate Links

Throughout our website - and especially on our blogs - we use affiliate links. These are hyperlinks that you click which take you to shopping websites in such a way that those websites know that we sent you there. Then, if you make a purchase on that website within a day or so, they will pay us a little bit of money.

It costs you nothing when you click on a link. Affiliate links don't raise or in any way change the price of anything to you. In fact, you won't even notice you have clicked on one. But we want to let you know that you use them. It's a way we can make a little bit of extra income because those dog toys don't pay for themselves. We aren't paid to promote any specific product. Everything you read on our website is promoting a product we use and want to share it with you.

So let's say you click on one of my links about a dog bed. If you then make a purchase on that website (doesn't have to be the dog bed, it could be anything) within 24 hours, I'll get a percentage of the money you spent. At the moment, we mainly use Amazon Affiliate links, however we also use some links from Awin

We hope you don't mind us doing this. if you have an concerns, problems or questions, drop us a line:

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