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Frequently Asked Questions

Leaving your Cav with someone else can be nerve-wracking. You are bound to have loads of questions.

We've put together some of the most commonly asked questions here. But if there's still something on your mind, get in touch!

Got a question? Perhaps it is answered here!

Hoe Boarding

Cavvy Cuddles FAQs

Q: Are you a dog walker?
A: Cheryl is actually a professional dog photographer. Harry is a freelance writer. We both work from home meaning we can offer a home boarding and daycare service from our home because we love dogs, and live in a fantastic location for walks.

Q: How long have you worked with dogs professionally?
A: Part-time since 2012, Cheryl became full time dog back in March 2017.

Q: How many dogs are yours?
A: WE have one resident dog, Indiana. Sadly our first furbaby recently passed away, Sprocket joined us in 2019 as an 8 week old puppy and made us a family. Then Indiana came along at 8 weeks old in 2014. both have had a huge impact and have added considerable quality to our lives.

Q: How many dogs can you have?
A: In our home, our licence allows for six Cavalier sized dogs in total.

Q: Where do the dogs sleep?
A: Because we board the same Cavs over and over, they all know each other. We allow them to sleep on the sofa, some dogs prefer crates, if that is what they are used to. We do have crates and stairgates should segregation be necessary, fortunately as we are so selective, the dogs we do board all get along really well. We do keep an eye on them with a pet cam to check that all have settled happily before we do.

Q: How often do you walk the dogs?
A: We have one big off-lead adventure (dogs are never off lead near roads) every day, with snacks and sofa cuddles afterwards.

If you have a question we have not answered here, please do drop us a line at

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