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We offer short and long-term home boarding for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

As experience Cav owners, we know that they are a special breed, and like to spend time with each other. 

We only take Cavaliers in our home, which means they will always share space with dogs of their own size and temperament. And it means we can all fit on the sofa for cuddles too!

Does your Cavalier need a place to stay?

Hoe Boarding


Home boarding is priced at £40 per dog, per night, a daycare fee of £30 is applicable if your dog is collected after 10am on the day of departure.

​Our prices reflect the care and attention your Cavalier will receive during their stay with Cavvy Cuddles.

We do not board dogs we have never met, nor had a sleepover with us. We have a great group of regular boarding Cavaliers, who stay with us throughout the year.

​You will receive regular "pupdates" from us - including photos, videos and messages - on how your dog is getting on. 

Interested?  Get in touch to enquire or ask us a question. 

Importat Info for boarding

Important Info to read before boarding with us

All new boarders must have a minimum of one night sleepover with us prior to their big stay, costing £40 per dog, per night.

We have found this to be very successful. It's a great opportunity to ensure that your dog is suited to our home boarding environment, and also eases them into being without you, making their longer stay with us far less stessful. This pre-stay visit is a one-off cost for new boarders, there is no registration fee.

Attention new enquiries!

Lockdown has affected everyone, including our dogs, and we are seeing a massive increase in separation anxiety with the dogs coming to meet us, not just in lockdown puppies, special action and support is required.

Separation Anxiety (SA): when a dog cannot cope with a human leaving the room or home, however briefly. The dog cannot bear being out of sight, nor separated, even if only by a stairgate or a door. These dogs do not have the tools to be able to settle and can quickly become very distressed, resulting in uncontrollable crying, barking, scratching and howling.

Sadly we cannot accomodate dogs with severe SA. However, there is hope for some dogs who can become more relaxed over time, if a good bond is established. given our professional experience of working with dogs, if we see signs of SA in your dog, we will advise if we think we are able to accomodate. In order to establish a good bond with us your dog may need to come to us regularly for walks, daycare before even attempting a sleepover.

We do not want to waste anyone's time, and only want what is best for your dog. Therefore you must be fully committed to supporting your pupper through this transition by ensuring regular contact with us in order to achieve the goal of a successful sleepover which must always take place before booking their big stay with us.

It is vital that you understand that sleepovers are a dry run to see how your dog copes in our home environment. You MUST be available should your dog not be coping and needs to go home. 

Sometimes, despite our very best efforts to comfort and establish a bond, some dogs simply cannot settle in our home, when this happens during a sleepover we will never prolong their distress and will return your dog to you asap. With that in mind, please always ensure that you are available should your dog need to be brought back home the night of their sleepover.

New dogs are NEVER booked in prior to a successful sleepover! It is vital that you are aware of this, please only consider your dog booked in after a successful sleepover and the 50% non-refundable deposit has been paid.

Because of this we are unable to accomodate last minute enquiries for dogs we have never met. New enquirers must allow enough time to meet and establish a bond if required, prior to an attempt at a sleepover.

Boarding dogs leaving after 10am on the day of their departure will incur a flat rate daycare fee of £30, and must be collected prior to 5pm.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book your dog's stay with us, the remaining 50% is required prior to your dog's arrival. Please always get in touch with us before paying your deposit to ensure availability.

Boarding Requirements

In order to ensure all dogs staying with us are going to be happy, we need to make sure of a few things first:

  • Your dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or of a very similar relaxed and easy going nature, and of a similar size too, around 10 kilos. Sorry but this does NOT include puppies of breeds larger than an adult Cavalier.

  • Fully insured.

  • Fully vaccinated and appropriate parasite preventions in place.

  • Microchipped.

  • Neutered if over 6 months.

  • Housetrained.

  • Good recall, we support the use of long lines for recall training until a firm bond is established. We never allow dogs off-lead near roads, no matter how well they know us. Not even our own dog !

  • Sociable with all types of dogs and people, including children.

  • Is NOT Reactive: When a dog reacts in a negative, sometimes frightening manner towards objects, people and animal by lunging, barking and growling.

  • Does NOT have Seperation Anxiety (SA): When a dog cannot cope being seperated, or out of sight of a human, however briefly.
    Dogs with SA can become very distressed becoming anxious, resulting in crying, barking, scratching and howling.

  • Does not eat dog poo, is not destructive nor marks (peeing around the house).

  • As dog owners ourselves, we understand that sometimes exemptions need to be made for the dog's health and welfare. Depending on the reasons we may still be able to help. Please always be as open as possible about your dog's needs, we only want what's best for them. If we are unable to accomodate we will always try to recommend someone who we think may be able to help.

Next Steps

​Providing your dog meets the above checklist criteria please drop us an email in order to check availability and for information on how to book your dog in for a meeting with us. Let us know a bit about your dog, and what dates you are thinking about going away. If we are unable to accommodate, for whatever reason, we will endeavour to help you find a good alternative. 

Long before anything is booked, we ask that you and your dog come to meet us. This is a very relaxed meeting, normally only half an hour. It's a chance for you and your dog to meet our family including our resident dog Indiana. At this point we can asses how to best proceed with your dog's individual needs in mind. If you haven't already, please see 'Important notes' above.



Once dates are agreed with us, you can pay your non-refundable deposit (50% of total cost of stay) online through PayPal. You can also do a bank transfer - just let us know and we'll send you our details. 

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