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Doggy Daycare

We offer walks and cuddles with our daycare service for small dogs

Our popular home daycare service is available to small, sweet natured dogs local to Bonnyrigg and Loanhead.

Daycare includes our fantastic adventure walk in the beautiful valley where we live (and sometimes even the beach!)

Are you looking for someone to walk and care for your dog during the day?

Hoe Boarding

What is Doggy Daycare?

Does your dog love spending time with other dogs in a safe and loving environment? Would you like to give your dog a great day out with us during the week? Then doggy daycare is perfect. Let your dog spend the day with us whilst you go off and do your own thing without having to worry. We'll even send regular pupdates via WhatsApp throughout the day!

We are all about the dogs having the best time, ideally off-lead and in a safe space, providing that they have excellent recall and only in fields and woodland far away from any roads. We work to establish a good bond before allowing dogs off-lead, initially using safety lines attached to harnesses until we know that the dog is bonded to us. We always make sure to have your permission before letting your dog off-lead.

There's little better than to see dogs running free with their pals, sniffing out mouse houses, playing chase the butterfly, snaffling sprinkled treats, posing for photos and paddling in the river. Our daily walk is enriched with sensory stimulating terrain. This is their time to relax and be dogs doing doggy things managed by experienced dog handlers in a safe environment.

Afterwards we enjoy sofa cuddles and healthy snacks in our family home until it's time to return your pupper back to you.

​Please see our boarding requirements via the Prices & Booking page to give you an idea of the sort of dogs we cater for. We will only take on compatible size and personalities.

You'll receive regular pupdates showing you photos and videos of just how much fun your wee pal is having.  We know how much you'll be missing them.


Daycare (9:30am-3:30pm) including pick up and drop off - £30
Weekend daycare £40

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