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Dicky Bag Review - What To Do With Dog Poo When There's No Bin

A Dicky Bag solves the problem that all dog owners have had at some time. If you like long walks with your dog in the middle of nowhere, or strolls along wild stretches of beach, then what do you do with your dog's poop once you've bagged it? There are no bins nearby.

Do you just carry it, swinging it around with abandon?

Put it in a pocket and hope you don't puncture it with some keys?

Or do you stick it in your Dicky Bag, get a little smug and continue with your day?

People regularly ask us what we do with dog poo on our walks, and we always show them our lovely red Dicky Bag and encourage them to buy one. So here's a bit of info about this brilliant little bag, and where to buy on.

What is a Dicky Bag?

A woman wearing a Dicky Bag stands in front of little dogs outside.
Cheryl modelling a Dicky Bag as the dogs look on admiringly!

A Dicky Bag is a flexible neoprene bag into which you can put your bagged dog poop. It's a fantastic idea, and something we've been using here at Cavvy Cuddles for years. It opens via a zip, and closes tightly so there is no smell. It clips onto your dog lead (or backpack or whatever) and so frees up your hands.

If you regularly find yourself clutching onto a poo bag or two waiting to find a bin, you should definitely buy a Dicky Bag. We've found it to be so useful as not picking up poo is unthinkable to us. Almost as worse is the idea of hanging a bag of poo on a tree. Who goes around doing that, anyway? Tree-poop fairies?

What size Dicky Bag to get?

We've found that a large size Dicky Bag can comfortably hold four or five poo bags worth of poop from Cavalier-sized dogs. Just squeeze the air out of the bag before you tie it up. This should be plenty of space if you are having a day out.

If you have a large dog with poops the sizes of mountains, then you might want to consider buying a couple of bags, but one Dickybag will comfortably hold at least one large-sized dog poo.

A Dicky Bag comes with a scented top that helps keep nasty odours at bay. These scented Dicky Bag discs can be bought in packs of three . These can only do so much though, and if you have a dog on a diet that results in exceptionally smelly poos, you could try double bagging, adding some essential oils or perhaps changing their diet to a healthier option.

The Three Steps to Successful Dicky Bagging!

Reasons to buy a Dicky Bag

A woman poses with a Dicky Bag around her waist.
Cheryl does love her Dicky Bag!

Has it become clear that we love these things?! We've tried plenty of competitors before, including the Pooppot which was initially fantastic, but soon broke apart and proved to be useless. I don't think they even sell those any more.

We've had our Dicky Bag for years and it still holds up as well as the day we got it. It's been through the washing machine many times too.

So if you are still on the fence about investing in one, these three reasons should persuade you to get a Dicky Bag today:

1) You'll always have somewhere to put your dog's poop when there's no bin nearby

2) A Dicky Bag is sturdy and long lasting and available in many sizes and designs like Camo.

3) They might seem expensive (costing between £20 and £40 depending on size and design), but a bag will last you absolutely ages.

So there you have it. Cavvy Cuddles recommends Dicky Bags! Get yours by clicking the link below. And if you are looking to invest in handy accessories when dog walking, check out our recommendations for the best tick removal pickers.


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