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The Best Accessories for Dog Walking

When you walk a group of dogs like we do here, we need to make sure our equipment is reliable and useful. From dog leads to poo bags to harnesses, everything needs to be perfect. They have to be hardy enough for long walks, but also light enough that they don't weigh us or the dogs down. Whether you are looking for the best accessories for a new dog, or need to update your kit, here are the items we use at Cavvy Cuddles. This is a list of the best accessories for dog walking that we use on a daily basis.

Cheryl walking with the best dog accessories

The best dog leads: HALTI and Toozey

We use two different types of dog lead. One is for regular everyday dog walking, and the other is a long line for when a new dog joins us the first few times they stay here.

HALTI leads

We only use HALTI dog training leads for our everyday walks. They are the sturdiest leads we've every used, and we've used many! They are made out of a thick nylon webbing, meaning they are comfortable to hold and won't slice through your fingers with a dog who likes to pull.

They all come with two clips, one on each end, and have metal hoops embedded in the lead. So you can clip one end to the dog and clip the other to a metal hoop to create a standard-looking lead with a handle. Or, you could clip both ends to a harness to give you more control over a dog. You could even do what we do and clip one end to a lead around our waist. This means you can walk a few dogs 'hands free', whilst still maintaining control over where they go and also lets us pick up dog poo easily.

There is honestly no other lead we would ever go with now. HALTI leads are durable and suitable for dogs of all sizes. If you are looking for a new lead, HALTI should be a strong contender for your attention.

Toozey Training Leads

When we start boarding a new dog, we need to be careful that they don't run away in search of their pawrents. We treat every dog as a flight risk until we are sure they are bonded with us.

However, we also feel it is important for them to join the gang and have as much fun and freedom on walks as possible. That's why we use a Toozey training lead attached to a dog's harness (to avoid strangulation). These are 5m/10m/15m long training leads that are designed to run on the ground after the dog. It comes with a handy bag for carrying it when not in use.

We use this type of training lead attached to a harness as a precaution against a dog running off. As we all know, it's possible to get near to a scared dog, but actually getting close enough to pick him up is another thing. By having a lead trailing behind them, all we need to do is step on it and we have control of the dog. We don't need to get near him - we can be 15 metres away, so giving him space to calm down.

This lead is hi-viz, meaning it is easy to see. This type of lead is great if you also have a dog that is liable to run off (perhaps after sheep or deer), or you are training a new puppy who doesn't quite know the rules of the road yet.

The best dog harness: EzyDog

Just like dog leads, there are a myriad of different dog harnesses out there. Some look cool, often putting looks above function. Again, having worked with dogs for many years, we've seen and tried our fair share of dog harnesses. The best we've found, and the ones we use daily, are from the EzyDog harness range.

Above all, a dog harness should be comfortable and the dog should not be able to escape it. That's what you get with EzyDog. It has a solid chestplate and adjustable straps that wrap around your dog that snap together. If you do it suitably tight, there's no way a dog is getting out of these, keeping the pups safe. We can rely on these not to fall off when out for a walk.

The harness also comes with a seatbelt attachment. You slide the car seatbelt through the hoop before clicking it in as normal. Then, clip the attachment onto the EzyDog harness so that your pup is safe when riding in the backseat or boot area of car. It's a fantastic and well-made product, well worth your pennies.

The best dog poo bags: Earth Rated Poo Bags

One of the last things you want on a dog walk is for your finger to rip through a poo bag when you are picking up their business and you end up with a...well, walnut whip on your finger. This happens most often when using cheap poo bags, or lightweight nappy bags. That's why we rely on solid Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags.

They are durable and you can rely on them not to rip at the worst moment. They also come with a handy lead attachment so they are always handy when on walks.

And if you are wondering what to do with your poo bags when there is no bin in sight, check out our blog on the marvellous Dicky Bag!

Treat Bag: Doggone Good Training Bag

The final dog accessory for walking that we take out with us every time is a treat bag. Having one of these means you have easy access to tasty treats that are often key to recalling dogs. This is especially true for dogs that don't know us well, but it tends to work for all dogs, even our own!

For years we have used a Doggone Good training bag. It straps and clicks around your waist, and has a magnetic opening for easy access to treats. You don't need to wrestle with a zip or a clip to get to the treats quickly. It's sturdy and has little additional pockets for keeping a whistle or emergency poo bag handy. It holds up well against the harsh Scottish winters. We would definitely recommend this purchase if you are using treats for training, or like to have them handy on walks for recall purposes.

Our bag has lasted us for years - the one in our photos above was bought in 2016 and it's still going strong!

Go for the best on dog walks

There you have it! The best accessories for dog walking, according to our many years at Cavvy Cuddles doing just that. If you have any questions about these, just drop us a line!


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