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Walking past one of the Woodland Trust’s tree of the year

We were delighted to see that a tree on one of our local walks has been shortlisted on the Woodland Trust’s tree of the year competition! As you know, when your Cav comes to stay with us, they are treated like royalty. This means wonderful walks in beautiful local scenery which now includes an exceptional Rowan tree called the Portal Tree. Here's us in front of it:

Family in front of the Portal Tree, Midlothian.
The Cavvy Cuddles Clan in front of the Portal Tree

Except we know this tree here at Cavvy Cuddles HQ as the Fairy Tree because quite clearly, fairies live here and you have to be polite and knock gently if you want them to come out. If your dog has stayed with us, there's a certainty that they've had a good smell of this tree and possibly even piddled against it. We even got Sam swinging on it a few times! We were amazed to find out that it was planted between 1850 and 1880 - I wonder how many dogs (and children!) have frolicked around it in that time?

Mavisbank House and Estate

It's part of the Mavisbank Estate which is one of Midlothian's hidden gems. In fact, the BBC1 series 'Scotland from the Sky' took flight over it and presenter James Crawford wandered around the area. It's on season 3 Episode 3, and you can watch it on BBC iPlayer here. The good bit starts around 34 minutes in.

Vote for the Portal Tree

So if you'd like to vote for our local tree in the Woodland Trust's Tree of the Year competition 2022, you can do so by clicking the button below and voting for The Portal Tree Rowan in Midlothian. Don't vote for any other stupid tree - ours is clearly the best!!

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